My experience with Daphne has been life changing. Deep down within my soul, I wanted to believe that I could succeed in business but wasn’t sure how to go about it. With Daphne’s help, it was easy for me to apply a new set of belief systems to my own circumstances and life. After a weekend of discussion and how to apply this new way of thinking, I was able to see how I could achieve the life of my dreams.

Daphne’s excitement and her own journey to success have shown me that it is possible.
She helped me see that I was no different than any successful business owner, and that if they could achieve financial freedom, I could too! She has a passion for life that is contagious. Any time spent with her can only be of benefit to your life and your own personal success.

I look forward to learning more and growing my business with the help of Daphne and her incredible vision. Her demeanour exudes integrity, pride and dignity. She is a gift.
~ Louise McDougall-Gudzowaty
“The Little Red Yoga Barn”